Hotel Interior Design

A Hotel Interior Design can be as glamorous or as understated as you like. There is so much opportunity in a hotel, for glorious designer pieces and luxuries. A hotel is the perfect place to break the boundaries with design and go over the top, but it also the perfect place to show what elegance is all about – with simple, yet statement furniture and patterns.

There are many different elements to a hotel – from the welcoming atmosphere of the reception and lobby, to that home away from home feeling your guests get when they step into their suite/bedroom. We carefully look at each area, to create the perfect fit for your hotel.

Whatever your goal is  – we will turn your ideas into something fantastic.

Hotel Rwanda

hotel interior design

This hotel, situated in the small, yet beautiful east African country of Rwanda, is no small feat, as we turn our 3D renders into reality, to create a unique and gasp-worthy getaway in this lavish land. Read More…