Corporate & Commercial Interior Design Services

We offer a range of services that relate to office, retail, hotel and restaurant design. These include:

User outcomes considered:

hotels and restaurants require a lot of thought into who will be using the space. We check out your preferred clientele and design accordingly.

(For instance –  if your hotel catered for the Springboks, everything would be bigger and stronger).


we know all the hot spots to acquire awesome things for your space. We have made connections with all the right people over the years, so you get the best bang for your buck.

Brand design:

from concept ideas to that ‘wowser’ finished design.

Interior Decorating:

comprehensive decorating ideas (this includes those very ‘out there’ ones) and layout.

Concept designs presented with animated graphics and images:

this will give you a ‘real-life’ view of what your space will look like after we have transformed it.

Floor and ceiling plans:

done in-house by Redesign Interiors, to give you an overview of every last little goodie in your newly renovated space.

Lighting and electrical layouts:

this is important to see beforehand, so that any changes can be shorted out before work is done. We work with a qualified team of electricians (obviously).

Space planning:

this means that we are super thoughtful. We make sure that the space works for you and not you working around the space. It needs to function well – making you, your team and your customers super happy about life.

Custom furniture design and manufacture:

we work with some great furniture guys, who are capable of making pretty much anything you desire. If hanging elephants are what you want for your office – then hanging elephants you will get.

Specifications of all finishes (flooring, paint etc):

we want you to be totally satisfied, therefore every single detail, right down to the specific paint colour you love, is thought about and planned for. What about tiles? Carpets? Or weird lamp shapes for each employee’s desk? We do it all!

Kitchen and bathroom design:

we pride ourselves in creating kitchens and bathrooms that are both pretty and useful, ensuring that everyone’s lives are made a little easier. Kitchen and bathroom areas often require the most thought when it comes to an office or retail space, as they tend to be small and cramped, yet need to offer all the necessities. We plan these out carefully and thoughtfully, to cater for your office needs. Restaurant kitchens and bathrooms can be boring and bulky – our aim is to make them functional, yet classy and enjoyable to be in.

Project coordination and management:

we are available physically at every project – coffee-fuelled and ready for action – making sure that everything is coordinated as planned. We ensure that every last detail meets our high standards (we are a little OCD), and that every project is managed superbly. We liaise with the multitude of contractors on your behalf – so that if you don’t have the time (or inclination!) to handle the nitty gritty of the project yourself – no probs.

Bars, cafeterias and boardrooms:

Any great office will come with a profesh boardroom – just like any classy hotel will provide a bar area for its guests to hydrate while they wait. We have some intelligent ideas for bars, cafeterias and boardrooms – let’s chat and plan them out!

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