Retail, hotel, office and restaurant spaces are super fun to work with and a challenge we are excited to get our hands on – so let’s get collaborating!

Visit us at 6 highgates ave, Westville, 3629. By appointment only.

T: +27 31 266 5177
C: +27 82 779 9215

paige wapplingtonPaige Waplington
Interior Designer (Btech)

“I believe that design is a form of art and is experienced by each person in a different way. This is why I love to design interiors for individuals, telling their story and using their personalities to inspire me. I create unique, beautiful and functional interiors and love to add quirky elements to bring in some fun.”
Redesign Interiors is based in the upper Highway area of KwaZulu Natal and has an international footprint. ”

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