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We are a Corporate Interior Design and Residential Interior Design company based in the sunny city of Durbs. As true Durbanites, we are hard-working, super creative and absolutely passionate about what we do – while still maintaining that cool, laid-back Durban vibe.

Over the last few years, we have had the privilege of designing some beautiful, unique and quirky spaces, with our skills developing over time into bigger more corporate interior design areas, such as hotels, offices and retail stores. We love a challenge and we are all about first impressions – when a client walks into your space, they need to be so mesmerised by the interior design that they know right off the bat that you’re going to be a winner.
We strongly believe that if an interior does not portray your brand and tell a person who you are as a company, then the designer has not done their homework correctly. We always do our homework – we get to know you, your brand and your story, before we do any of the ground work – then we take this information and inject it with new and interesting ideas on how to make your space work for you.

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Redesign Interiors was founded by Paige Waplington, the creative genius and wonder maker’r behind our dynamic team. Paige saw a need for not only good design, but challenging, exciting, prepared to break the boundaries kind of design. We are not afraid of colour, of pattern mashups or bending the rules, and it is because of this enthusiasm that our team are so highly sought after in not only South Africa, but in other parts of Africa as well. We are a tight-knit group of interior lovers and we are crazily obsessed with making a space gorgeous! We would love to work with YOU.

Corporate Interior Design

Corporate Interior Design is more about space planning, functionality and usability, more than making things look pretty and trendy. However, the perfect corporate space, has both functionality and attractiveness – making it an awesome environment to work in, while still offering all the desired elements of an office or retail space.

With restaurants and hotels, there is a lot more room for creativity and clever ideas, but at the same time, these need to be user-friendly and well thought out, to create a welcoming and homely experience for your customers. With corporate interior design, we work even closer with architects and builders to understand all the details involved in a new building or renovations and how best to design the interiors around this.
We take into consideration all the company colours and colour palettes already in place – be it in your logo, company portfolio or on your website.

We then incorporate this into our design planning and decor ideas, to keep your brand uniform. Corporate interior design should always reflect a company’s unique style and brand – whatever that may be.


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